D&D portrait -Vedalken Necromancer

A priest of "Myrkul" also known as the Lord of Bones, the Lord of the Dead and the Reaper. Here is the sketch and full body in higher resolution

One of my favorite characters from my friends campaign i decided to make a portrait for her. Vedalken have a great creepy aquatic vibe going on, Myrkul's followers all wear black robes, death symbology, lots of bones and reaper tones. The weapon is a returning Kpinga, which i thought looked super deadly. She also carries a cursed poison blade imbued with negative energy.

I wanted her to have a power stance in the middle of casting summon undead. I will be making isometric tokens for all these characters and throwing them on https://www.patreon.com/epicisometric if you use digital tabletops check us out.

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